A plywood board, with patterns. The patterns were mapped like a terrain map in a 3D computer model.

This burned out building had been boarded up with plywood, which became Virtual Woodscape.

„Background: I have previously produced woodprints for many years. In 1988 I held a one-man show at Reutlingen Kunstmuseum, near Stuttgart, which specializes in contemporary woodprint. Subsequently I started to print from wood as is, without actually cutting into it, thereby recording the grain in the material. The grain structure carries imagery, open to processing that transcend traditional woodcut and woodprinting“ (December 2004)

"First generation of wooden grain pictures were printed directly from urban driftwood (65 x 125 cm, paperformat) Synthetic structures and virtual objects, spaces of a new kind.“

(December 2004)

„On the occasion of a one-man show in the Trondheim Kunstmuseum next fall, I will develop certain processing methods. I want to analyze the grain in a piece of plywood that I have collected, read it as an aerial photograph of a landscape. I want to process the graphic features by means of a digital contour enhancement program to produce a Curve Map. This would allow for a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The addition of animation elements will result in a complete virtual landscape... based on the information contained in the 2-dimensional organic structure of the plywood sheet.“(December 2004)

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