After the Berlin Wall came down, Norway together with the 4 other Northern European states built new embassy buildings within one common project. The Norwegian building was planned by Snøhetta architects. Completed 1999

I received commission for an artwork in the entrance part of the embassy building, a wall spanning 12 meters behind the high vertical granite front.

The exterior of the building had explicit references to the Ice-age. Urstromtal introduced a specific note from the local context to the interior. The artwork was built in classical Stucco technique, using Ice Age sedimental sands from the area. The title Urstromtal is a German word for the ancient formation of the landscape where the city of Berlin is now situated.

Another work from the same year as Urstromtal: Light Falling In (1999)

Another work: Installation of Numbers and Dices in the BHF-Bank (1999)

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