"Old Pine Trees" by Lars Hertervig (1830-1902)
in Stavanger kunstmuseum, Norway. Video animation "Hertervig 3D" by Yngve Zakarias next to the painting. The video was on show as part of Stavanger 2008, European Capital of Culture
Hertervig 3D is a video rendering of the pictorial space in the painting Old Pine Trees. In ways most peculiar, the construction of space in the painting deviates from the classical central perspective.
Construct and rendering add up
The digital reconstruction in 3D sheds light on the composition. There seems to be more than one framework of spatial order in the perspective that fold up one within the other. However, the branches and the boulders and the trunks are carefully modelled as objects in the scenery. All of which provide a sense of physicality and inevitability, presenting itself as coherent. It seems like a normal day, just... different. The primeval forest location is in itself spectacular.

Hertervig 3D analysis

1865: Lars Hertervig painted Old Pine Trees ("Gamle Furutrær", collection Stavanger Art Museum, Norway). First time I visited Stavanger, I went straight to the collection to get a first hand view of the painting.
The work is an amazing display of order in the universe, with two very small human figures set in the middle of the vastness of the elements, vegetation, nature process.


"Old Pine Trees" was painted the same year as Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland. The two men were the same age, as were their contemporaries Eadweard Muybridge and Paul Cezanne.


Each of the men, it seems, in their own way worked on the same thing. They worked on the construct of space. From very different biographical departures and in very different geographical and personal settings, they all contributed to getting a grip on what it means to be at a point in space at a moment in time, and especially in terms of view and change. The times they lived in were changing a lot, and they all knew that.

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